Flat top trailers can significantly increase your cargo-carrying ability by allowing you to load larger items quickly and easily, but choosing the right type can be tricky. One of the most important decisions is whether to go for aluminium or steel. Each option has its own pros and cons, but here are just four reasons why you should consider investing in an aluminium flat top trailer over a steel flat top trailer.  

1. Tow More Cargo

Aluminium is extremely strong, and yet it's also much lighter than steel. This offers several benefits, including the ability to tow more cargo. Your vehicle will only be rated to haul up to a certain weight, and that weight will have to include the trailer itself, not just what it is carrying. By opting for an aluminium flat top over a steel flat top, you can devote more of your vehicle's towing capacity to cargo rather than trailer.

2. Burn Less Fuel

Flat top trailers offer a low profile that helps cut down on wind resistance compared to other trailer options, so they're great for those concerned about fuel efficiency. Aluminium flat tops take this benefit even further. Thanks to their low weight, you won't need to consume as much fuel to haul them around. If you plan on using your flat top regularly or want to cover longer distances, the difference can really add up.

3. Reduce Vehicle Strain

Even when you keep under your maximum towing capacity, the added weight of a flat top trailer can still place additional strain on your vehicle. To keep that strain under control, you can choose aluminium over steel. The difference in weight will help reduce the strain on key parts, potentially making everything from brakes to tyres last longer than they would with a steel flat top.

4. Avoid Corrosion

One key benefit aluminium always holds over steel is that it isn't vulnerable to oxidization, so rust and corrosion are never going to be a problem. While steel trailers can be treated to prevent corrosion, the paint and galvanic coating used to protect it will need to be replaced every now and then. This makes steel slightly less dependable and increases the amount of maintenance you'll need to do. If you plan on taking your flat top trailer across rocky or unpaved areas where bumps and scratches are more likely to damage any protective coating, steel becomes particularly problematic.

Reach out to a flat top trailer dealer to learn more.