If you run a small company that specialises in building or excavation, you need to be as flexible as possible in order to take on a variety of different jobs. You need to bring your equipment to each worksite and will need to have multipurpose machines so that you can address each task as efficiently as possible. To be successful, therefore, you will need to buy the right towing equipment. This will allow you to get from project to project quickly and efficiently, but with this in mind, you will also need to configure your trailer so that you can get each machine on and off without delay. How should you configure your plant trailer for the best results?

Setting It Up

Many contractors in your position will have bought a multipurpose machine that can excavate, clear, dump and compact, and you will need to get a plant trailer that is of sufficient size to accommodate this equipment. Once you have made sure that the trailer is adequately rated for that particular weight and your towing vehicle is capable, you will need to modify your trailer as well.

Loading and Safety

To begin with, you may want to add a ramp to the leading edge of the bed (aka the knife-edge). This will make it a lot easier for you to manoeuvre your equipment on and off, and help you avoid any damage to vulnerable parts.

Once the machine is on, you must ensure that it stays in place, no matter how rough or undulating the road. Add recessed tiedown points along each side of the bed, but make sure that they are heavy-duty, well-engineered and properly installed.

You can then use rated restraining straps to tie down the machine properly. If you're in any doubt about procedure, refer to the documentation provided with the equipment, as the manufacturer will likely recommend the best tiedown points and spots to avoid as well.

Extra Configurations

You may be able to add bolt-on parts to your trailer depending on how it was initially made. For example, you can add some racking to each side, mounted on the bed so that you can carry other items of equipment, ladders, temporary flooring and so on.

Other Options

You may be able to add other accessories to your plant trailer to make your job easier and more efficient. Ask your accessory supplier so that you can see what is available.