If you are the proud owner of a new 4x4 and intend to take full advantage of its capability, then you may be in the market for some new accessories. You'll want to explore the wilderness and take your vehicle well off the beaten track, so you will need to ensure that it is capable and can withstand that challenge. Certainly, there are many different accessories on the marketplace, and you could find a home for all of them on your new acquisition, but one of the best in terms of value for money will be a snorkel. What exactly is this and why is it a good buy?

Breathe Deeply

A snorkel is essentially an elevated breathing tube that is connected through a number of smaller attachments to the engine. It will run through a grille mechanism to the outside of the vehicle and will typically stand just above the roofline.

Air Intake

Due to its elevated position, this tube will be able to gather in air that is far less polluted than it would otherwise have been. Without this type of attachment, the engine would still be breathing air from underneath the bonnet and would be contaminated with dust, tiny particles of oil and other debris.

While you will certainly have a good quality air filter fitted and this will help you with a lot of contamination, it is far better for you to gather the initial air at this type of elevation. It's less likely to have been affected by dirt and dust thrown up by other vehicles and will help the engine to be more efficient as a consequence.

High Water

You may also find that this type of accessory is valuable if you come across a swollen stream or river during an adventure. You won't need to worry about getting water in the engine through the breather, as it will be elevated and far away from the surface.

Savings and Efficiency

If you have a clearer air intake, then your air filter will also be cleaner and may not need to be serviced as much in the future. You may also find that the engine is more efficient, leading to lower fuel bills, and all of this should help you with your overall budget.

Shopping List

Talk with your equipment supplier as you draw up a shortlist of needed accessories. They will be able to help you choose and then fit a snorkel to help your new ride breathe more easily.