Ute canopies are a valuable addition to your vehicle. They help in maintaining its value and can be a good way to add extra storage to your vehicle. Your utility vehicle will be a lot more efficient whether in off-road conditions or on-site situations. However, these canopies need to be maintained and kept in perfect condition so that they can perform as expected. So if you've got a utility vehicle with a ute canopy, then here are some top suggestions to maintain that pristine condition. 

Keep adjusting your locking mechanism

If you don't want your canopy to stick in place, then avoid leaving the locking mechanism untouched for very long periods. You need to keep adjusting them time and again so that the locks don't go bad. Lubricate the moving parts with oil or petroleum jelly every few months to ensure a smooth operation. Graphite powder is also a good product to use on the locks and keep them smooth. 

Take care of scratches immediately

Also, deal with any occurring scratches immediately. Don't let them stay for too long because they'll be harder to remove. Use a soft cloth and toothpaste when dealing with light scratches. You could also purchase rubbing compounds from your nearest local body shop. Be patient as it will take very many attempts to diminish the scratch. You could then use some polish to puff out the scratched area.

For larger and deeper scratches, then use wet, fine abrasive paper. Sand the surface lightly, and add the rubbing compound afterwards. If the scratch doesn't disappear, then simply take it to your auto body shop. You don't want to risk making things worse.

Be careful with the cleaning

Remember to watch your cleaning. You first need to consult your manufacturer's instructions as not all of these canopies are equal. Using strong chemical agents in cleaning them could easily destroy the material and reduce its lifespan, so steer clear of them. Go for warm water and use a soft cloth to rub the canopy and get rid of grime. Cleaning the canopy with very hot water is also a recipe for disaster.

Protect the canopy

Another great tip is to protect your canopy. Don't wait for it to fade out or get a scratch before guarding it. Gel coats and paint could go a long way in keeping the surface in good condition by guarding against ultra-violet rays. You could also apply a scratch-resistant polish to the canopy.